Fall Born Online Sale - April 20, 2017
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Fall Born Online Sale

Purebred Cattle Sales:
Contact Roy Miller at (641) 373-6031


Feeder Calf Purchase Program:
In order to fill our feedlots, we have initiated a feeder calf buy back program. We believe in Charolais sired genetics and want to help you to market your feeder cattle. If you have purchased bulls from Summit and would like to market your feeder cattle, we would like to bid on your calves. Here is how the program works:
  • We bid on load lots (50,000 pounds) of calves. If you don’t have enough to make a load, contact us any way, we may be able to group your calves with others in your area to make a load.
  • Contact us at least a month before you wean (earlier is better). At this time we will ask questions about: age, sex, vaccination history, implant history, health, weight ranges, location, etc.
  • Depending on your delivery preferences, we can bid on calves prior to weaning or at weaning. Forward contracting is available.
For more information please contact:

Adrian Meyer
(319) 461-1749